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This is the place where I keep you entertained…If you like reading blogs or are just feeling a little bored, at Carter’s Homemade you can check out my Mad Rants. These are all homemade and take place at the Carter household, or more often just in my mind. [READ AT YOUR OWN RISK]

This is also a place where I’ve set up shop electronically speaking. I sell a few Homemade, All Natural products out of my home base at LA Tan & More.

I am in no way a social media sensation, however if you are interested, you can find me on Pinterest or  FaceBook.


Wanna Contact Me?

Version 2I am looking forward to hearing from you. See me waiting patiently by my computer? Don’t be afraid, I’m not THAT crazy or mad (that’s just the ADD) sometimes I’m even calm (see the photo, hmm).

Feel free to get in touch, E-mail me! or respond to one of my Mad Rants and tell me what you think .

If you need a phone number for me, to request products or ask product related questions, stop by LA Tan and More, 975 Central Ave., Los Alamos, NM.

You will be subjected to a background check, fingerprinted and asked to to fill out a quick 10 page questionnaire.





daffyI’m a working part-time galmya's closeup
Full time I’m a stay at home mom
I also homeschool two amazing teens

I love a neurotic dog
I depend heavily on the super-hero-love-of-my-life of the past 30 years


Special thanks to my first editor my Mummy (and yes, mom is spelled correctly-she’s Australian!)
I appreciate all the the support from friends and family, life would stink without you.

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